(MSS) Minnesota Satisfactoriness Scales

VPR no longer sells the MSS questionnaires. All forms are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.  This license allows the instrument to be used for research or clinical work free of charge and without written consent, provided that you acknowledge Vocational Psychology Research, University of Minnesota, as the source of the material in your reproduced materials (printed or electronic). This license does not allow commercial use or reproduction for sale. The MSS may be used without cost, however, for employee ratings provided that the ratings are implemented within an organization and that no charges are made for its use.

VPR and the University of Minnesota do not offer scoring for the MSQ and cannot answer questions about its administration or scoring.  Directions for scoring the MSS are in its manual.


The Minnesota Satisfactoriness Scales (MSS) is designed to measure an employee's satisfactoriness on a job. The MSS is usually completed by the employee's supervisor, who evaluates the employee on 28 items describing the employee's behavior on the job. The MSS provides scores on five scales:

  • Performance
  • Conformance
  • Dependability
  • Personal Adjustment
  • General Satisfactoriness

The MSS can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of job placement or the success of specific training programs, or to compare the individual's self-perceptions of performance with the perceptions of a supervisor.


The MSS is a paper-and-pencil inventory of 28 variables used to rate the satisfactoriness of an employee's job performance. It is appropriate for use with individuals who can read at the fifth grade level or higher.

The MSS is gender neutral. It can be administered to groups or to individuals. Instructions for the administration of the MSS are in the booklet. The MSS usually requires about 5 minutes to complete, which makes it feasible to administer by mail.

Minnesota Satisfactoriness Scales (English)


The MSS has been translated into two languages.  These translations have been created by individual researchers who have provided VPR with copies.  VPR cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of these translations; users of these translations should ensure themselves of the accuracy of the translations before using them for any purpose.

Filippino Tagalog MSS
French MSS


The manual includes information on the development, reliability, and validity of the MSS, scoring, and normative data.

MSS Manual

MSS Bibliography, 1967 - 1989